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Here’s an example of what you receive as one of our recent daily profit-taking e-mails

1.  AMZN 436.59  on 6/03/15

Initial trade date:  Bought Amazon on 6/03/15

AMZN rose to 554.26 7/24 from 436.59 in 51 days

2.  CRUS  30.71 on 7/22/15

Initial trade date:  Bought CRUS on 7/22/15

CRUS rose to 35.82 7/24 from 30.71 in 2 days

3. Visa ( V )  67.35 on 3/20/15

Initial trade date:  Bought V on 3/20/15

V rose to 74.87 from 67.35 in 124 days

4.  Nike (NKE)   105.22  on 6/26/15

Initial trade date:  Bought   Nike ( NKE )  105.22 on  6/26/15

NKE rose to 114.18  from 105.22 on 7/24 in 29 days

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