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The Media will tell you information about the stock market that almost never leads to profits. It seems that the Media is late when it comes to timing. The pros are the traders that have the insight to analyze stocks in spite of the mainstream news.

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We have the experience and the track record to out-perform the mutual funds and the indexes.

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Our clients get regular answers and mentoring so that their portfolios are on track for significant results.

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We have been led by Donavan Shapray, former National Options Manager and stock market Options analyst for billionaire Charles Schwab. We know how the markets truly function vs how the Media say they function.

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Success in the Stock Market
is achieved with vast experience

Try us and see the results in your portfolio. Our results are guaranteed.

Hire the best help you can afford
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Millions are made everyday in the stock market by the smartest analysts and traders. If you follow the media, you may lose because you’re too late in your timing.

You can struggle on your own
or you can buy the expertise to catapult you forward

Picking the best movers on Wall Street is a daily passion of ours. Join our happy family of subscribers and find a home that brings satisfaction instead of frustration.

Success is only for those
that have the ability to take positive action

Learn how the Stock Market really works. It doesn’t work the way you read about everyday in the Media.

Gainers and the breakthrough innovation of truly overcoming the worry of following the direction of the news of the market
   We have been trading and studying the nature of the stock market for decades – that degree of analysis has led to a breakthrough. Most traders go bald worrying about what the headlines say today and how this affects their investments. This is a new era when you learn and are mentored by
Trading Examples 21st Century Style
Nike stock has been an outstanding performer.
Big Media Stock Analysis vs Pro Analysis
Big Media analysis is what the majority of the public follows…
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Based on experience

Check out our Track Record and take some time to focus on the hard gainers that we have succeeded with, time after time.

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Donavan Shapray
Market Strategy Creator. Corporate explorer. Lifelong numbers junkie. Disciplined market trade practitioner. Analyst. Industrial expert.
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