“Mr. Donald,
I recently had the opportunity to spend the weekend in Las Vegas and am I ever glad that I have changed my investing strategy to being on the side of the house. I used to invest in straight Call and Put trades with what I thought were good strategies ending with poor results. Nothing I have done in the past is comparable to how well I’ve done using what you teach with your service.
This is an excellent strategy! How can one not like the 100+% return for only being in the market 22 days? Like you said when you sent out the email “Bonus Trade”, “Looks like a winner!”

Any trade that is a winner in my books is an absolute bonus.

I have been working this strategy since I signed on with you last Oct and I haven’t had a losing trade yet!
What I have done to feel more comfortable about this strategy is to figure out what it will cost me to close each position. If the close cost still leaves me with a profit and the trade still looks promising, then I’ll let the trade ride.
Thank you for teaching me this strategy.”

Yours truly,